Bus driver loses control, crashes into cars

The driver wasn’t wearing her seat belt

Image Courtesy: WHDH.com

WORCESTER, Mass. (WHDH/WWLP) – Officials released video of Jean Barbierei making a left turn without her seat belt fastened. She loses her grip on the wheel and falls completely out of her seat.

The bus slammed into two cars near a house. Luckily no children were on board the bus; she had just dropped them off at school.

Darlene Eppenstein, a parent, said, “Realizing the risk and the safety of the children that could’ve been on the bus I would say that, yeah, there’s a chance that I would say that they should’ve; they should’ve fired her.”

The homeowner whose cars were hit feels lucky the vehicles were there. Kim Pawlowski said, “If his car wasn’t there I think it would’ve went directly into our house. Well, the school bus would’ve went directly into our house.”

Barbierei did suffer injuries to her hand, arm, and leg. She was also cited for not having her seat belt fastened. Her private driver’s license and her commercial license have been revoked.

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