Springfield residents learning to be cops

This is the 20th year this program has been in place in Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The 40th class of the Springfield Citizen’s Police Academy began Wednesday night. The 10 week session teaches residents just how the police department works and how they can be involved.

“I think people need to know what the police do and really the real deal of what they do. The police department cannot do it alone, we need every citizen out there to know how they can connect with us, where they can connect with us and what they can expect from us,” said Kathleen Brown, the Springfield Community Police Liaison.

The class covers everything from drugs, guns and gangs to patrol procedures and community relationships. Instructors stress that crime is going on around you every day, and this program enhances your safety.

Larry Anderson of Springfield told 22News that he’s taking the class for a second time because the information was so beneficial and it helped him in situations he came across right here in the city. He said, “I participated in a first responder incident, I was just getting off 91 and a bicycle rider had been hit by the car in front of me. Having taken the class I really knew just what steps to take even before the police had responded.”

This program is free to all residents 18 and older; the next session will begin in March. It’s not too late if you’re interested in signing up for this class there are still a few spots left.

You can contact Kathleen Brown at 413-787-6359 or email her at Kbrown@springfieldpolice.net.

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