Powerball has a new look and new odds

In the new matrix, players will select 5 out of 69 white ball numbers

SPRINGFIELD, Mass (WWLP) – A Powerball ticket is still 2 bucks, but players will notice a new look. The new matrix design is supposed to enhance the player’s chances of winning a bigger jackpot and more prizes.

More numbers were added; this will boost your chances for winning a smaller prize, but the big jackpot will be harder to hit.

David Glantz of Buckeye Brothers Tobacco in Springfield told 22News, “It’s basically the same, they just added more numbers to the main body numbers and the Powerball numbers, which is a separate number you play. They took away from that, so it’s less Powerball numbers.”

In the new matrix, players will select 5 out of 69 white ball numbers, and 1 of 26 Powerball numbers. This decreased the odds of winning the grand prize, going from 1 in 175 million to 1 in 292 million. You have a much better chance of being struck by lightning in your lifetime; one in twelve thousand.

“I don’t think that really matters much. If you play the right numbers and they come out, you get lucky. It’s about luck,” said Justin Germaine of Springfield. But your odds of winning an overall prize has increased. The chances of Winning, something, is now 1 in 25 down from 1 in 32.

State representative Brian Ashe told 22News, “If people are going to take a chance and play the lottery they should have the best possible chance of winning and I think that would entice people to wanna play more.”

Buckeye owner David Glantz told 22news people don’t get excited about $50 million dollars anymore. They wait until the jackpot goes over $200 million dollars, before they get excited about it.

In the last fiscal year, the Massachusetts lottery has returned almost $986 million to the Commonwealth in net profit.

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