Flood’s dangers remain

(NBC News) Several families were forced to evacuate their homes again Wednesday morning over fear of a potential dam failure.

Flood waters continue to put a strain on dams and bridges in and around Columbia.

National guard choppers dropped massive sandbags Tuesday to try and plug some of the holes, while on the ground trucks and cranes are moving in rocks to fill in the cracks.

At Beaver Dam Lake, where evacuations were ordered early Wednesday, it seems to be working.

“The damn had been stabilized, then unstablized, then stabilized again. You have to know that these crews have been working really hard, non-stop since Sunday. The latest word is that it has been stabilized,” said Richland County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Curtis Wilson.

There are more than a half dozen dams in the area that remain in jeopardy as water from upstream continues to flow in and teams work franticly to shore them up.

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