Fans force little people from concert

(WTHR) October is Dwarfism Awareness Month, but that did not stop some people from mocking two little people recently at a Luke Bryan concert in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

After 25 years living as a little person, Rebecca Salois is used to the stares, the double takes and even the comments people make to each other about her in the grocery store.

“I went to the grocery store and there’s these two, I could tell they were older, like, they weren’t young kids. They were probably over the age of 18. And one of ’em goes, ‘Look behind you, It’s a midget,'” she said.

So Rebecca is really not surprised by what she says happened last week at a Luke Bryan Concert in Fort Wayne, which she attended with a friend who is also a little person.

“She’s a huge country fan and so am I and I was like, ‘We’re going. We definitely have to go to this,'” said Rebecca.

Moments after getting there, though, Rebecca says it started.

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