Experts warn against “Helicopter Parents”

(NBC News) It comes as a surprise to many mothers and fathers when they realize they’ve become “helicopter parents”.

“There came a day where my kid was 9 and I did realize that she didn’t know how to, like, toast a bagel,” admits author Stephanie Wilder-Taylor.

Wilder-Taylor is the mother of three young girls.

“She had no independence, I was like, I need to change my ways a little bit,” she says.

Helicopter parents are those who are often overly-involved in the lives of their children, hovering over them to resolve their conflicts, solve their problems and make decisions for them.

Experts say this isn’t really a growing problem, but a pattern more parents are noticing.

“I don’t think people are coming for help recognizing that ‘I am a helicopter parent, come help me’,” says psychologist Dr. Jennifer Thomas. “They’re coming saying ‘This is what I am noticing in my child, this is what I am upset about’.”

Psychologists say this parenting style could have a negative effect on a child’s well-being.

“I think that if we’re always solving their problems, they will go off in the world and the first problem they’re faced with will seem like a catastrophe,” Dr. Thomas warns.

Experts say the cure is simple: letting go.

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