Pine Street Bridge not expected to reopen anytime soon

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – The Pine Street Bridge in Northampton is finally getting the repairs drivers say it needs.

Norrene Renkowic grew up in Florence, and said the bridge has been a problem for drivers for quite some time. “This bridge, I don’t even remember the last time it was worked on, so, as long as the state has the money I think that it’s good that they’re fixing the roads and the bridges,” she said.

Crews were milling the bridge last month when they discovered more repairs have to be made before it can be repaved. The Northampton Department of Transportation said the bridge will likely be closed to drivers all month while the additional repairs are made.

Signs are posted down the street from the bridge directing drivers to the other side of the Mill River. For some nearby residents, the detour isn’t much of an inconvenience. Barry Wroth of Florence told 22News he’s worried about another disruption. “The noise more than anything else because it’s not really that far to go around, there’s two paths around here,” he said.

Wroth isn’t the only one worried about the noise. Josh Renkowic fishes in the Mill River beneath the bridge, and he said the sound of power tools could hurt his chances of catching anything. “Just for fishing, from the noise and stuff, it does scare the fish away. I’m going to give it a shot anyways I took the day off from work,” he said.

CLICK HERE for a detour around the bridge construction.

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