North End residents continue to fight treatment center placement

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – North End residents aren’t celebrating the Sheriff’s decision to halt bids for an addiction treatment center on Wason Ave in Springfield’s North End.

Sheriff Michael Ashe late last week announced that he was looking for another location for the Western Massachusetts Correctional Addiction Center.

North End residents told 22News that it was not a complete victory, and that they were not dropping their lawsuit.

“Until Mr. Henshen and Mr. Ashe come here, and tell us, in writing, give us a paper in writing saying it’s not coming here, we’re still going to be firm,” said resident Carmen Santana. “We’re still going to take him to court.”

Santana said she objects to placing the treatment center on Wason Ave. because of the proximity of four schools and so many children in a residential neighborhood. She said they continue to protest and put up signs and banners every day.

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