How did the Amtrak derailment impact WMass rail travel?

7 people were injured during the derailment

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Lots of buses went through Springfield Monday night after an Amtrak Vermonter derailed in Vermont Monday morning. About 90 passengers were on board.

Buses were going the Amtrak station in Springfield, bringing people from White River Junction in Vermont. That station is south of Roxbury where the train derailed. Those people are now taking the 55 Vermonter south to Washington D.C.

90 passengers boarded buses to reach their destinations. 2 of them ended their journey in Springfield.

“At first I thought that perhaps a car was on the track, and had been struck by the train,” said Donna Lee Carlson. “I heard a loud bang. There was a jolt, and the car somewhat listed to the left.”

Janice Bradley told 22News, “I was calm. I just sat there and everyone around me just sat there and we just looked at each other because we didn’t know what happened at that time.”

Riders who planned on taking the train to St. Albans, Vermont, were picked up by a bus to head north. That bus stopped in Burlington, VT, before it heads to St. Albans.

Everyone waited with their luggage for the bus to arrive. Several people told 22News they were in shock when they heard about the derailed train.

Sue Brown of St. Albans, VT, said she had taken that same Vermonter 55 train to Springfield on Friday, and had a wonderful experience. Brown said she used the Amtrak service several times, but Monday’s incident hasn’t scared her away from taking it again.

“Well, I know train wrecks happen from time to time. I remember the one that happened years ago, and I’m glad I wasn’t on that train; and I’m glad to have the bus taking me home. So I am pretty grateful all around,” said Brown.

Lawrence Seiler of St. Albans, VT, said he and his wife have special needs, and it was difficult moving from a train to a bus. This was his first time using an Amtrak service.

He said he would do it again, but recommends everyone to come up with a plan B; “Especially if you’re traveling with special needs, try to come up with plan C and D at the same time just in case plan A doesn’t work.”

The NBC affiliate in Burlington, Vermont told 22News the riders who were involved in Monday’s crash were in route to come to Springfield, and arrive before 8PM.

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