Homeless man spears bear cub

(KTUU) Alaskan authorities say a homeless man’s stabbing of a young bear as it attempted to enter a tent containing two children was justified.

The man stabbed the yearling bear cub with a crude homemade spear an outdoor Anchorage campsite frequented by the homeless.

“There was a lot of food and food smells all around the camp,” said biologist David Battle.

Rather than keep food far from tents, residents fashioned a weapon for protection.

“They just had a homemade spear with a big blade and he threw it and the cub ran off and died nearby,” Battle explained.

Alaska state troopers say 49-year-old David Tandler stabbed the bear as it tried to get into a tent with two children inside. Troopers later fired a rubber bullet at the sow to scare it away.

Catholic Social Services representatives say this incident brings to light how serious the homeless problem is heading into winter, and local shelters are already at capacity.

Source: http://bit.ly/1j99DKY

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