Flooding in Charleston creates mess for residents

High flood waters forced police to shut down majority of city

CHARLESTON, S.C. (MG) – High tides rolled into Charleston with fury Saturday. While Hurricane Joaquin stayed very far off the Carolina coast, the strong winds and rough waters almost made it look like a tropical storm.

In downtown Charleston, high flood waters forced police to shut down a majority of the city. Still residents like Kyle Burnell and his friends found a way to get around – in a canoe, “Well it’s flooding why not…it was a perfect day for it you know? We were trying to come out have some fun but also help some people out.”

Kyle and his friends managed to help out a few people along the way. They found a wedding party that
needed help getting to their hotel. And speaking of wedding, more than a dozen weddings had to be relocated to due to the weather.

The forecast for the remainder of the weekend calls for more rain; but not as severe. Law enforcement is opening roads as the flood waters recede.

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