Vaping triggers flight disturbance

(KHNL) A Hawaii realtor will likely face federal charges after a confrontation with a flight attendant Thursday.

Witnesses said she repeatedly used an e-cigarette on a flight from Las Vegas to Honolulu and became belligerent.

“So I’m apologizing that it did happen, but it did not need to get carried to the level that it did. I think he had a bad day and was taking it out on me with a bad attitude,” said Kristin Sharp, 34, of Kona, referring to her dispute with a flight attendant on an Allegiant Air flight from Las Vegas to Honolulu that resulted in her being detained and questioned by the FBI.

Witnesses told authorities Sharp used an e-cigarette as she entered the aircraft on the jetway in Las Vegas, and a flight attendant told her to put it out, which she did.

But witnesses said she started vaping again in her first-row seat after the plane took off and later went into the lavatory to smoke her e-cigarette, sources said. She denies those charges.

“After he asked me to stop vaping I did stop vaping and I put my vaper away in my purse,” Sharp said.

Witnesses told authorities she exposed her breasts, swore at the flight attendant and threw a crumpled-up half-full soda can at him.

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