“The Blacklist” Returns

Watch the video for a sneak peek at the third season

(NBC) “The Blacklist” returns to NBC tonight, following up on last season’s shocking season finale.

It promises major change for several characters, most of all, FBI Agent Liz Keen.

Last season ended with Liz on the lam after she killed the corrupt attorney general.

Now with Liz’s love Tom away starting a new life, she’s forced to Red Reddington’s side.

It seems everyone’s after Reddington and liz as they try to solve the puzzle that can clear her name.

“Everyone’s plan has gone awry. Everybody’s!,” says James Spader. “I think one of the interesting things going into Season Three is who’s chasing who?”

“The Blacklist” starts its new season tonight at 9pm Eastern, right after “Heroes Reborn” and just before a new episode of “The Player”.

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