Taylor Swift fans help Nashville police nab fake ticket seller

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – It’s probably not a good idea to sell fake Taylor Swift tickets to some of the superstar’s biggest fans.

One man who tried to do that got busted by two Vanderbilt University students and self-proclaimed “Swifties.”

The duo, Kendall Healy and SaraGrace Lee, documented the undercover sting operation and posted it on Facebook.

Taylor Swift fans catch fake ticket seller
Courtesy: Kendall Healy and SaraGrace Lee

It all started with them going to Metro police after they realized they were sold fake tickets on Craigslist to Swift’s Nashville concert.

“So yesterday we had someone off to give us tickets, and then they were fake, so right now we have a cop across the street, underover,” they say in the video.

Later on, Kendall says to the camera, “We got him. Hey SaraGrace, what happens when you mess with Taylor Swift?”

SaraGrace replies, “Um, blonde girls get you arrested.”

News 2 caught up with the students Wednesday after their successful sting operation.

“We bought them. He was very nice about it, but I just had a weird feeling,” Kendall explained. “I didn’t want to judge him for liking Taylor Swift that much because he didn’t really look like a guy who would really love Taylor, and he had so many tickets that I was just a little skeptical.”

Taylor Swift fans catch fake ticket seller
Photo: WKRN

SaraGrace told News 2 that when they reported the fake tickets to police, they were talking to an officer about what happened and giving their statement.

“He asked for a description of the man, and we said we can give you a description but he’s actually texting us right now trying to sell us tickets, so we could just take you straight to him,” she added.

Ultimately, the operation was successful. The suspect was arrested.

Afterward, the girls only had one thing to say those who set them up.

“You don’t mess with Taylor and you don’t mess with her fans. We are very loyal and we will do anything for her.”

Police are hoping to find out who is leading the fake ticket operation. They hope at some point to get the girls their money back.

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