Sex offender arrested for harassing teen

DENVER (KCNC) – Prosecutors say Benjamin Stribling found a 13 year-old girl online and pursued her relentlessly, saying he needed to have sex with her for ‘educational purposes’.

“He declared he was in a sex ology class and he needed sex with a virgin and that’s why he picked her,” said Gary Dawson, who specializes in sex crimes.

The minor tried to block him but he kept finding her, using different aliases. When he didn’t stop, law enforcement took over the girl’s online profile. Convincing Stribling to meet them. He was arrested carrying multiple items including video cameras, a stethoscope and fake ‘permission slips’ that he intended the victim to sign.

6 months earlier, Stribling was caught in a similar sting operation.

“This particular individual was dangerous because even though he knew he had been caught he couldn’t control himself. There was a compulsion to do these things, said Dawson.

Gary Dawson says the girl was targeted randomly. Law enforcement moved quickly before Stribling took his behavior off the internet.

“There are guys like this out there who are trying to pressure your kids into doing things and you won’t know that unless you’re involved,” said Dawson.

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