How hurricanes and tropical storms can affect WMass

Hurricanes and tropical storms are categorized by how strong their winds are.

Hurricane Joaquin

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Rivers and streams are running high after heavy rain fell across western Massachusetts and New England Wednesday. Some areas picked up more than five inches of rain.

Now all eyes are on Hurricane Joaquin which is now a major hurricane over the Bahamas. It’s forecast to move up the eastern seaboard but is expected to weaken to a Tropical Storm by the time it gets near us. There is still some uncertainty on whether or not it will hit us.

Here in western Massachusetts flooding is typically our main concern from a hurricane or tropical storm.

“I remember the one everybody pretty much freaked out about a couple of years ago and we pretty much  just got rain. You went to the store to get milk and bread and everything was gone so I think that’s what’s going to happen again and hopefully we don’t get it,” said Melissa Jenkins of Westfield. 

“I think it’s the heavy rain that does the most damage yeah,” said Theresa Cote of Holyoke.

And we saw what all that rain can do during Tropical Storm Irene. Even though it was a tropical storm it caused major flooding in Shelburne Falls.

Hurricanes and tropical storms are categorized by how strong the winds are and while we can still get strong and damaging winds it’s usually inland flooding that causes the most problems for us here in western Massachusetts.

Click Here to track Hurricane Joaquin up the east coast.

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