DIY Herbal Baths

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)  Use your own herbal teas to turn your bath into a spa experience!  Shari Petrucci from the Western Mass Master Gardener Association told us more.

Soothing bath and tea sachets:
Safety First

  • If you have allergies or sensitivity to certain ingredients then you can adapt these recipes to your personal requirements.
  •  When giving any homemade gift be sure to label them with the ingredients for others who may have allergies.
  •  When researching for recipes, be sure to use only reliable sources, especially on the internet.

Basic Instructions:

  •  Make batches of bath tea and store in an airtight tins or canning jars in a cupboard when your dried herbs are ready for use.
  •  Make drawstring pouches out of cheesecloth, organza or muslin, or old clean knee highs, enough to hold anywhere from 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup of a favorite herbal mix. Tie them tightly shut so the loose ingredients won’t float out.
  • Size them to fit the palm of your hand. Fill as full or as loosely as you like.
  •  After use the contents can be emptied, the pouches rinsed out and air dried to be refilled and reused.

Using your herbs:

  • Tub Preparation: Hang them on the tap while the hot water is running, making sure the water is running through them. Once the tub is filled, let them float around and also use as bag to exfoliate the skin.
  • Shower Preparation: Prefer something for the shower? Fill a cloth pouch with the ingredients below then use them to scrub and exfoliate.



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