Springfield residents ecstatic after traveling to see the Pope in Philadelphia

Some families had their children blessed by the Pope

PHILADELPHIA (WWLP) – Over 1 million people witnessed Pope Francis’s last mass in the U.S., but it was more than expected, and Springfield brought four bus loads.

Gabriel DeLeon told 22News: “This is the greatest experience of my life, hands down, and my faith has been reaffirmed and renewed and I’m proud to be Catholic.”

Over 200 miles of traveling, weeks of anticipation and excitement building up. It took moments for the Pope to pass by, but everyone that turned around had a smile on their face, and they said it wasn’t just about seeing the Pope.

It was about the journey, and the Pope’s messages about peace and love.

Nicole Rodriguez told 22News “I just want to feel that peacefulness, you know, that good feeling that everybody is talking about.”

Some families in the crowd had their children blessed by the Pope himself.

Cristina Sandoval told 22News: “When the Pope was arriving we yelled ‘bambina,’ and it was amazing,”

The trip to see the Pontiff will be a memory they keep for the rest of their lives and share with their families, and they say it was all worth it to see Pope Francis.

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