Science Museum hosts lunar eclipse viewing event

The next lunar eclipse won’t happen for another four years.

Springfield, MA. (WWLP) – Western Massachusetts residents are uniting tonight for one thing. To catch a rare glimpse of the lunar eclipse. 22News found out why it was such a fascinating experience for so many.

On this beautiful fall night, people of all ages gathered for a chance to witness a rare sighting of the Lunar Eclipse. The Springfield Science museum hosted a Lunar Eclipse viewing event. There was a Planetarium show, a presentation on Lunar & Solar eclipses and people got to observe the Lunar eclipse with their own eyes on the museum lawn. People gathered with their telescopes and lawn chairs to make the most this rare sighting.

“It will have a really eerie strange red grey color, which is totally unlike any full moon you’ve ever seen, so it will look bazar, weird and exciting,” Curator of Physical Science Richard Sanderson told 22News.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth’s shadow blocks the sun’s light, which only occurs during a full moon. Not to mention, the sun, earth and the moon have to be perfectly inline.

The Springfield Museum held a total lunar eclipse event and the place was filled with people of all ages.

“I’ve been looking up in the sky for 15-20 years and it’s a lot of fun,”
George Schnare of Hampden told 22news.

And Stars Club Member Dave Kelly told 22News, “I’ve been making telescopes since the mid 1960’s as a hobby. And this project was started with a front lens and these things being grounded up during the days of hurricane Gloria in the 1980’s.

Everyone is encouraged to go outside and experience this rare occurrence. The next lunar eclipse won’t happen for another four years.

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