Minister preaches Word of God dressed like Jesus

The park-based preacher shows up regularly

Photo Courtesy: Media General

PHILADELPHIA (MEDIA GENERAL) – Michael Grant takes hundreds of selfies every day with fans in Philadelphia’s Love Park.

The immediately identifiable Philadelphia native is better known as “Philly Jesus.”

Unlike the super hero impersonators who fill Times Square, Grant doesn’t charge for pictures. Instead, he offers something — prayers.

Grant, a born again Christian who overcame a past of shooting up heroin and smoking crack, says his strategy is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with strangers by drawing them to himself for photos.

Love Park is his self-described “pulpit” where he ministers daily.

Why Love Park? As Grant will remind you, the Bible declares that “God is love.”

Grant foregoes the bullhorns of many street evangelists, instead inviting dialogue when passersby and sharing his story of redemption.

The park-based preacher shows up regularly to stroll near the fountain and smile for selfies. He says he gets to share his faith with Christians, Muslims, Jews and atheists alike.

And being the modern missionary that he is, Grant is quick to provide his Twitter, too: @PhillyJesus.

Although clarifying that he’s a born again Christian, Grant says a selfie with Pope Francis would be “epic”

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