Boy finds $8k on playground, turns it in

7 year old Aiden wright, has always been taught to do the right thing

Photo Courtesy: CNN/WBZ

(CNN/WBZ) – A seven-year-old Massachusetts boy found thousands of dollars, but he did not hold on to it. He made sure it was returned to his owner.

(Paul Burton/reporter) “You found $8 thousand dollars!

(Aiden wright/found money) “Yeah”

(Paul burton/reporter) “Have you ever seen $8 thousand dollars?

(Aiden wright/found money) “I just did today.”

7 year old Aiden wright, has always been taught to do the right thing, but his character was tested on Saturday when he found $8 thousand dollars at this park in Salem. “I ran up the slide and at the top I looked at the corner and there was this black check book and I opened it up and I saw $8 thousand dollars in it and then I brought it to down my uncle,” said Wright.

Danny Wright told WBZ, “I took it back to my truck and I counted it and it was $8 thousand dollars.”
While some would probably hesitate, Aiden and his uncle did not. They immediately turned it into police.

Turns out the money belongs to Elias Santos a hard working contractor who had just got paid. “I am so grateful, you know, because we don’t have people like this no more,” said Santos.

“Elias had the money in his pocket as he was playing with his kids in the park. As he came down the slide it accidentally fell out but he didn’t know it was gone.”

“When the police called I was kind of surprised,” said Santos.

Lt. Matthew Desmond, told WBZ, “Officer asked him if he’s missing anything or got robbed and he fished in his pocket immediately and said I am missing $8 thousand dollars.”

Aiden Wright told WBZ, “He was so happy he gave me this”

To thank Aiden for his honesty Elias gave him 100 dollars.

(Paul burton/reporter) “Your being called a hero. Do you know that? What you think about this?”

(Aiden wright/found money) “Cool.”

Ellen Wright told WBZ, “He’s been taught from day one to do the right thing. This just shows the lessons has been learned and I’m so proud.”

“What is the gold rule Aiden? The golden rule,” said Danny Wright. “Treat other people the way you want to be treated,” said Aiden.

A lesson we all need to learn.

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