Woman investigated for online threats against police

Clayton County police are investigating

(CNN) – The videos are filled with profanity and hate. Hate for white people.

“Right now we declare open season on a —-.”

This woman who goes by the name Eye Empress Sekhmet calls for a war on not only white people, but she advocates shooting police officers. “I say let’s have a take a gun day. And start walking up on these untrained (delete) and stealing their (delete) weapons.”

And taking over police stations. “Let’s try taking over a police station. Let’s try that.”

The videos have alarmed Clayton County police. Major Johnny Robinson said, “We’re definitely taking it very serious. They’re not idle threats.”

An undercover officer said police are especially concerned, since she’s not that far from police headquarters. “She lives approximately a mile and a half to two miles from here.”
Clayton County police are investigating and say they can’t afford to ignore the threats.

The videos can be found on the internet. I showed some of them to Clayton County residents. One said, “It’s alarming. It really is.”

Others say Eye Empress Sekhmet is too focused on race. “What we need to learn first of all is who we are as a people and stop trying to be a color.”

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