Tips for calorie burning at the Big E

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Whether it’s the caramel apples, the fried apple pie or the garbage bowl…we’ve got simple workout tips that will have you feeling great about enjoying those classic fair favorites! Fitness Educator Elizabeth Lenart, from  joined us with tips!

1. Park as far away as you can to get in extra walking. Every step counts.

2. There are lots of stairs to climb before going down the slide.

3. Skip renting the skooters and walk, unless there is a physical need.

4. Jade will be teach two Cize classes, jump in!

5. PLAN! if you know you are going to the big e and want to enjoy, plan some extra time in your workouts, work harder, through in extra cardio or reps the week of a big splurge. Eat cleaner prior to and after the event.

6. Ask these questions from Tabata Bootcamp when making choices: Am I hungry? Is it smart? How much do I need?

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