Sunderland police ticketing more drivers for passing stopped school buses

SUNDERLAND, Mass. (WWLP) – Sunderland Police are cracking down on certain drivers that are putting children’s lives at risk.

Of course, it is the law for drivers to stop when a school bus is stopped with flashing lights to pick up or drop off children. Sunderland Police told 22News, most of their complaints about violations are happening on Route 116 and Route 47.

“One is the safety of the kids. We don’t want the children and, or, the adults who are crossing with their kids to get hit and it’s the law that you have to stop for a stopped school bus,” said Sunderland Police Chief Jeffrey Gilbert.

If you’re caught driving by a stopped school bus, it can get expensive. Gilbert says violators will have to pay a 250-dollar ticket and there will be no warnings. He also told 22News, they’re going to have more of presence where these violations are being reported.

Drivers are learning the hard way. So far, there have been a few drivers stopped and ticketed for driving past a school bus.

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