Relief for severe headache sufferers

They will offer traditional and less conventional approaches

FARMINGTON, Conn. (WTNH) — Relief for millions of severe headache sufferers. The Hartford Healthcare Headache Center will open in mid-October in Connecticut.

The man who will head it up, carries a worn out medical bag wherever he goes. But there’s nothing old fashion in the way headache specialist, Neurologist Dr. Brian Grossberg cares for his patients.  Nicole Fridling travels from Maryland to see him.

She explained, “He made my headaches go from 8 out of 10 pain scale to four out of 10.”

The college student has chronic debilitating headaches. After 7 doctors in five years — she is finally getting relief.

“He thinks out of the box and he looks at the patient as a whole person, ” she said.

Expect more innovative treatments when the headache center opens its doors. Dr. Grossberg said, “They’ll actually be able to come to an office setting and receive intravenous medications that can be helpful in breaking their headache and getting rid of it, rather than going to an emergency room.”

Patients like Nicole will get a mix of the more traditional approaches as well as the not so conventional ones.  He said, “People with headaches generally are very sensitive to sounds and noises so it’s going to be in a quiet setting, the lighting is going to be dimly lit.”

Dr. Grossberg will offer pregnant women with severe headaches an option not readily available, prescribing a medication of which he was a study investigator, “We are really tailoring the different treatment to each specific patient with whatever headache they are coming in with.”

Patients like Nicole look forward to tapping into the latest treatment alternatives, “It’s going to mean I’ll be taking less oral preventative medications and I can just come up every few weeks or probably months honestly and get IV treatment and be significantly better, so it will improve my quality of life.”

The Headache Center will have two locations, Wethersfield and Blue Back Square.

For more information call 860-545-1888 or click here.

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