President Obama and China

(NBC News) – China’s president is in Washington.

He’ll meet one-on-one with President Obama and attend a formal state dinner tonight.

But not everyone thinks the U.S. should be rolling out the red carpet.

President Xi Jinpeng is visiting Washington D.C. after meeting with tech companies on the west coast.

He’s hoping to open doors to more American business in China. But there are serious differences between the two governments.

China – accused of human rights abuses and suspected of hacking government computers – gets another formal welcome at the white house this morning. “If we continue to be a cheap date when it comes to human rights then we could expect these atrocities to continue,” said Rep. Jim McGovern, (D) Massachusetts.

“We want to be greater business partners but have to do so in a legal environment when they stop stealing our stuff,” said Steve Odland, Committee for Economic Development.

The State Department insists the U.S. won’t shy away from confronting those issues. “We’re going to continue to be just as forthright and candid about those as we have been,” said State Department Spokesman John Kirby.

But China is a key trading partner, and the world’s biggest polluter. Today China and the U.S. are expected to announce a new deal to curb emissions.

Meantime, at the United Nations next week, Russian President Vladmir Putin has asked to meet with President Obama.

The White House says Ukraine will top the agenda. “I hope that Russia sees what’s happening in Ukraine….and will rethink it,” said Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter.

They’re also expected to discuss Russia’s support for Syria’s government. “President Obama will make clear once again that Russia doubling down on their support for the Assad regime is a losing bet,” said White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest.

The Obama Administration insists sanctions are isolating Russia, and crippling its economy.

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