Papal tour continues in NYC

Pope Francis laid out the critical issues our nation faces

NEW YORK (WWLP) – The stage expands from D.C. to New York: Pope Francis addressed America Thursday, but on Friday he’ll deliver a message to the world.

This papal tour so far has been a balance of prayer and politics, with a call to action led by his own example.

In his powerful address to Congress Thursday, Pope Francis laid out the critical issues our nation faces, and discussed the need for a united, joint effort in finding lasting solutions.

Similarly, this Friday morning the Pope will speak to the United Nations General Assembly, and we can expect to hear about more global challenges: climate change, peace, poverty and hunger. But following this address, the Pope makes a meaningful stop at the 9/11 memorial for an interfaith service with local heads of world religions, overcoming differences to appreciate what’s the same: praying and working toward common goals.

Michael Schron told 22News, “What I like about him is he’s open to all people. He’s not so much about pushing doctrine, but pushing general concern for humanity, which I think is basically the best role religion can play in the world today.”

And over the last 24 hours, we’ve seen other instances of Pope Francis’ ecumenical spirit. Last night during evening prayer, Pope Francis expressed his solidarity with Muslims following the deadly stampede in Saudi Arabia where hundreds were killed.

Earlier in the day when he spoke to thousands from the Capitol balcony, Pope Francis asked for prayers from the faithful, and if you don’t believe, just some well wishes.

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