NHL player’s attorney: “From the beginning, it was a hoax”

All eyes should be on Kane’s accuser

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — In addition to the investigation, Erie County District Attorney Frank Sedita should consider whether Patrick Kane’s alleged victim or her mother committed a crime, according to Kane’s attorney Paul Cambria.

Cambria who went on the offensive Friday, saying the accuser should now be the accused.

The accuser and her mother knew what they were doing when they handed their attorney an evidence bag, and said they found it stuffed inside their front door. That’s according to Kane’s attorney Paul Cambria — who said Friday that knowledge means a crime has been committed.

“I said from the beginning it was a hoax,” Cambria said. “It’s obvious to me what the intent was.”

Cambria responded Friday afternoon to Sedita’s statements about a supposed evidence bag that was mysteriously left tucked inside the victim’s mother’s front door. It turns out, the bag wasn’t an evidence bag, but rather an envelope typically used by a hospital. And the victim’s mother never found it inside her front door, Sedita said.

Cambria said he never lost confidence in the evidence gathering process, and especially the results of the DNA test taken from the victim, which he says showed the presence of multiple males, none of whom were Patrick Kane.

“There was an effort here with an item that the actual accuser knew the character of to, if you will, undermine the science that completely supports my client,” Cambria said. “I had no doubt that the integrity of the evidence was going to be intact. I had confidence that people had collected it properly and tested it properly. And they proved that today in spades.”

He said that investigation should weigh heavily on whether the county’s top prosecutor seeks charges against Kane’s accuser — or her mother.
The final decision rests with Sedita. But Cambria said the intent alone is against the law.

“An attempt is a crime in New York, just as much as a completed crime is,” Cambria said. “Why else would you do this if you weren’t trying to undermine something you weren’t happy with.”

The woman who accused Patrick Kane of raping her in his Hamburg home had from the beginning two attorneys: Criminal defense attorney Thomas Eoannou and civil plaintiff’s lawyer Roland Cercone.

Eoannou withdrew from the case last night, after learning his client’s mother made up the story about how she came to have a supposed evidence bag.

That leaves Cercone.

“Cercone is a plaintiff’s lawyer, as was indicated to you today,” Cambria. “Plaintiff’s lawyers sue people. I have not talked to him about this case.”

Despite that, Cambria said Friday a settlement was never on the table, especially considering the evidence in his client’s favor was so strong.

“Whether or not someone has tried to reach out to me, I’m not going to comment on today,” he said. “But I’m going to tell you I have negotiated with no one, I haven’t reached out to anyone and I don’t intend to.

“This isn’t the first time somebody has tried to perpetrate a hoax on the legal system.

Cambria says all eyes should be on Kane’s accuser, who has gone from alleged victim, to the focus of an investigation. “There was an effort here with an item that the actual accuser knew the character of to, if you will, undermine the science that completely supports my client.

“Don’t be so quick to label someone as a particular person, as a victim. You don’t know until the end who the real victim is.”

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