Hardwick man, girlfriend indicted in child abuse case

Lints and Chadwick are detained

WORCESTER, Mass. (AP) — A grand jury has indicted a Massachusetts man and his girlfriend accused of beating and starving the man’s 7-year-old son.

The Worcester County grand jury on Friday indicted 26-year-old Randall Lints and 22-year-old Alexandra Chadwick, both of Hardwick, on charges includuing assault and battery on a child causing substantial injury, permitting substantial bodily injury to a child and reckless endangerment.

The boy was taken to a hospital in a coma July 14. He weighed 38 pounds, well below average, and appeared to be dehydrated. He is now at a long-term care facility.

Lints and Chadwick are detained. Lints’ attorney has said there is “plenty of blame” to go around for the boy’s condition. It wasn’t immediately clear if Chadwick has a lawyer who could respond to the allegations.


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