Division of Wildlife says moose in Northampton is “not unusual”

Image sent to 22News by Candice via Report It.

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Some Northampton residents woke up to an unexpected sight Friday morning, a moose wandering the streets of downtown.

That moose was spotted right here near Market Street in Northampton’s downtown area.

Nick Brady lives right near Market Street, and was absolutely shocked when he heard the news. “It’s a little surprising, moose are typically pretty afraid of large populated areas, it’s bizarre that it’s here and probably dangerous,” he said.

Northampton Police Officers had also spotted the moose around 6:30 Friday morning.  They tried to track it, but it got away, and hasn’t been seen since.

A scary thought for nearby residents, but many visitors like Natalie Shea of Amherst, say they wouldn’t mind catching a glimpse. “I’d probably be a little bit scared, but I’d be more interested in where this moose came from, or why it’s wandering around Northampton,” she said.

Ralph Taylor of the Massachusetts District of Fisheries and Wildlife told 22News seeing a moose in Hampshire County isn’t unusual, but can be dangerous. “They’re in the breeding season, so they kind of full of all kinds of hormones and you don’t know exactly what they’re thinking at that moment,” he said.

If you see a moose, walk away slowly, call 911, and only take pictures from inside your car or house.

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