Walmart brawl caught on cell phone video

Store security confronts teen trying to steal shirt, leads to brawl

(CNN) – It’s a brawl so outrageous it’s almost hard to watch. But dozens of shoppers did; one of them even shot this video of the fight that happened inside this Walmart in West Charlotte last week.

You can see the brawl initially started in the entrance of the store here on Wilkinson Boulevard. Police say that’s when members of the store’s loss prevention team attempted to stop a teenager who was allegedly trying to steal a shirt.

One man tried to hold onto the suspect, and that’s when you see several other people jumped in and joined in the melee.

Channel Nine returned to the store Thursday and showed some shoppers this unbelievable video.

Police say one person was hospitalized following the ruckus, and they arrested a 14-year-old male on assault charges.

“I don’t come that often but I wouldn’t want to walk into something like that.”

“This Walmart is really out of control, they really need to have security here.”

Walmart said this is an ongoing police matter and they are fully cooperating in their investigation. In the meantime, the store is now looking to increase security.

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