‘Normal Barbie’ gets new accessory to help explain periods


INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) -The “Normal Barbie” made by Lammily has a new accessory to help teach young girls about menstruation.

On, Tuesday the company launched an online video called the “Da Period Talk.” The video explains why many girls would rather learn about their period from a doll than talking to their parents about the issue.

The doll was released in 2014 and was made to meet the size of an average woman after the founder created a crowdfunding campaign to launch the doll. The campaign brought in 13,612 backers and over 19,000 dolls were pre-ordered.

The new accessory called the Period Party is explained as “the fun way to explain the menstrual cycle to kids.”

The Period Party comes with an educational pamphlet, one pair of panties that fits a Lamilly doll, 18 reusable colored pads and liners stickers and one calendar and dot stickers.

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