Facebook warning on drunk driving goes viral

Her call for an end to drinking and driving spread quickly

(CNN) – One year after a drunk driving crash takes the life of a father and son, the widow and mother turns to social media. Her emotional post has gone viral.

Home video shows a proud father playing with his newborn son. Corey and Parker Mantia were killed by a drunk driver on September 20th, 2014.

“He was sitting in the back seat watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse…he was a huge Mickey Mouse fan.” Destiny Mantia says she became an angel mom, and a widow at 21. She was also injured in the crash. “In the beginning I didn`t know how I was going to continue to live. I didn`t have any hope whatsoever.”

On the one year anniversary, Destiny shared her very personal thoughts through Facebook, letting everyone who was willing to read her story know how much pain she’s suffered.

“I had my whole life ahead of me. I never got to see my son’s first haircut, me and my husband never got to buy our first house together. There were just so many things we had in the plans, so much we were working towards. That’s never going to happen now, and it all could have been prevented.”

Her call for an end to drinking and driving spread quickly.

“I never expected in a million years for it to go viral like it has. I`ve heard that it`s been shared in many states and even out of the country as well.”

It`s the thought that her message could make a difference that`s fueling Mantia`s drive to get through each day, without her husband and son. “It can be prevented. Nobody should ever have to go through this. If I could be the only one to ever have to go through this again, I totally would.”

The tragic circumstances of the crash are difficult to share, but they are prompting others to make promises. “I’ve had many people vow they`ll never drink and drive and if they see a family member or friend do it, they’re going to stop them.

“Everyone has a voice, everyone can step up and do something, everyone can prevent this from happening to someone else.”

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