11-year-old robs pharmacy at gunpoint

The minor passes a note demanding narcotics

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana (CNN) – In Indianapolis, a disturbing trend: children as young as eleven years old are being recruited to rob pharmacies.

In under a week, there have been nearly a dozen drug-store robberies in the city involving kids.

Tuesday, a Walgreens on West 86th Street is held up by a teen with a gun. A few hours later, police arrest an 11-year-old for robbing another Walgreens on North Keystone Avenue.

Customer Westley Patton said, “People need to watch their kids and really pay attention to what they’re doing. It’s very dangerous at eleven years old, prescription medications, especially the things they’re giving out now days.”

Police say often times the juvenile is carrying out the robbery for an adult, trying to avoid jail time. Shopper Paulette Daniel said, “I think it would be terrible to think that someone would use a juvenile to do that.”

Since Saturday, seven minors have been accused of robbing pharmacies. In almost every case, the minor passes a note demanding narcotics. Police say these drugs are likely traded or sold on the streets.

In response to the crime, Walgreens has installed time delay safes in all of its Indiana pharmacies. The technician can activate it to lock in drugs like Adderall, targeted by thieves.

CVS uses its own ant-theft measures. Police have tracked down suspects with the help of GPS tracking devices disguised as pill bottles.

Still, Drug Enforcement Administration numbers show pharmacies are more vulnerable to robberies, in Indiana, than any place else.

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