Medical misdiagnosis is more common than we think

NEW YORK (NBC News) – An alarming new report suggests nearly every single one of us will have some kind of health problem that’s either diagnosed late or missed completely.

For 8 months back in 2004 doctors tried to treat Peggy Zuckerman’s stomach ulcer.

“I was dying and I didn’t know it,” said Peggy Zuckerman who actually had stage 4 kidney cancer, which had spread to her lungs by the time anyone figured it out.

“Everyone will experience one meaningful diagnostic error in their lifetime, on average,” said Dr. John Ball who chaired the committee that wrote the report for the National Academy of Medicine.

There are no solid numbers on how often such mistakes occur which makes the problem virtually impossible to fix. However, the report outlines possible solutions, including a drastic change in health care culture so people feel more comfortable speaking up if they see something wrong.

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