Boy allegedly called ‘evil’ by Pre-K teacher for being left handed

OKEMAH, Okla. (KFOR) – A 4-year-old was allegedly forced by his teacher to write with his right hand, even though he’s left-handed.

The child was sent home with a letter about how left-handedness is often associated with evil and the devil.
Zayde is only 4 years old.

It’s his first year at Oakes Elementary in Okemah, but his mom kept him home Monday after a dispute with his teacher over being left-handed.

Zayde, like most kids in Pre-K, is learning how to read and write. And like his mom, Alisha, Zayde is a lefty.

That was until last week at homework time. Alisha asked him why he was writing with his right hand, not his left.

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