How to spot theft equipment at the ATM

A number of customers had their banking info stolen from the TD Bank ATM on Meadow St.

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CHICOPEE, Mass (WWLP) –  Chicopee police found theft equipment in the ATM at the TD Bank on Meadow Street, Sunday night. Police found a card skimmer placed over the card reader at the entrance to the ATM. That skimmer reads your card information. A “closed” sign was placed over one of the 2 ATMs, and a hidden camera was pointing at the working ATM, recording people punching their PINs.

“Usually you see this on T.V., but you’re always thinking ‘That’s not going to happen to me.’ So, I mean, it is shocking, it’s really scary,” says TD Bank user Luz Torres.

22News investigated ways to spot anything that looks suspicious when you go to an ATM to make sure your information isn’t stolen.

  • Try shaking the card reader at the entrance.
  • If it rattles, is loose, or comes off, it could be a skimmer.
  • Notice if any part of the ATM is discolored or attached oddly.
  • “Out of order” signs should be printed by the bank, not hand written.

“I mean, the ‘Out of Order’ sign… employees write “Out of Order” all the time. I wouldn’t expect it to look a certain way or be typed out,” says Alexander Surreira of Chicopee.

And if you think you’re a victim, Officer Mike Wilk of the Chicopee Police Department suggests taking the following steps. “What we’re telling people is to absolutely check your bank account statements, whatever bank you’re from, if you use that ATM. Also, run a credit report to make sure nothing’s been opened in your name. If you do see something suspicious, contact your bank or your credit card company, and then contact the police department.”

Chicopee police are still looking for the suspect of the TD bank incident.

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