Holyoke neighbors want drivers to slow down, and stop at stop signs

Our cameras captured two cars running the Stop sign

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – West Holyoke residents say they have a real problem with speeding cars and drivers ignoring stop signs.

22News cameras captured at least two instances demonstrating the problem they’re complaining about. We saw cars blasting right through the stop sign on Hillside Avenue.

The posted speed limit is 20 miles per hour, but one neighbor told 22News they often see cars going twice the speed limit there. This, despite plenty of signs saying”stop ahead” and “slow children.”

Scott Collamore told 22News it’s “horrible,” and he has a personal connection to the danger.

“It’s very selfish of people.They need to think about the lives of others. Especially Children. It needs to stop. I had a friend that passed away on this street right here, because of speeding,” said Collamore, who went on to tell us his friend was riding a motorcycle that ran into a car that had made an illegal U-turn some years back.

Another Hillside Avenue resident told 22News that speeding cars has been a problem there for years.

22News has calls in to Holyoke Police to see if there is a plan to address the issue.

Holyoke Police Lt Jim Albert told 22News that Police are aware of the problem there, and that they’ve committted time and resources to it, and that will continue

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