Hipster guide makes ‘weird’ earthquake prep A-Z

The group at Oblio in Portland put together a website

Photo Courtesy: KOIN

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — All the dire predictions about what may happen when a major earthquake hits Oregon has understandably sparked discussion and preparation. It also instilled a bit of fear but hasn’t taken away our sense of humor.

The group at Oblio in Portland put together a website, KeepEarthquakesWeird, with an alphabetical list of items hip Portlanders will need during and after The Big One.

“We briefly discussed creating something that was actually informative,” the group said on the site, “but decided we’d prefer to have a little bit of fun.”

Among their alphabetical suggestions:

B — Brunch. Earthquake be damned, brunch will find a way. Powdered eggs? Jerky hash? Figure it out and stock up.

H — Hops. Did you get through your microbrew stash a little too fast? Brew your own, then see if your friends can guess the IBU!

J — Jorts. Eventually everyone’s jeans will get so tattered that they’ll cut them into jorts, but you’ll have done it before it was cool.

Q — Quinoa. You weren’t thinking of stocking rice, were you? Your world may be falling to pieces but that’s no reason to eat empty carbs

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