Caught on Camera: Diamond thieves get stuck in elevator

CINCINNATI, Ohio (WLWT) – “When he kicks through this he cuts the back of his leg pretty badly,” said Mike Lane, owner of Diamonds Rock.

On surveillance video, the suspect smashes through the front glass door of diamonds rock, uses a crow bar and screw driver to unlock the second door, then starts looking for the right showcase to break into it.

“He grabbed what he could and you can see in the film that as he’s trying to pull some rings, pendants, things out, police are coming, you can tell he is trying to quickly get out of the  building,” said Mike Lane.

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s office says the suspects, 57-year-old Leroy Bridgman and 61-year-old Marcie Young, tried to run down the stairwell but quickly realized it did not connect to the garage where their get-away car was parked. So the pair hopped into this elevator and once they hit the garage level got stuck.

Detectives say they stashed the jewelry including 26 diamond rings in the ceiling.

“Strictly because of the absolute rapid speed these police got here, he failed miserably, the plan didn’t work, it wasn’t going to work, it wasn’t thought out well,” said Mike Lane.

Surveillance video even shows the suspect in the store about nine hours before the burglary.

“Someone came in, walked around, looked a little different, asked a few questions and we got on the tape, got on my camera system, it was him,” said Mike Lane.

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