Car insurance myths revealed

AUSTIN (KXAN) — They may seem like scary truths, but how much do you really know about your auto coverage?

A survey by Insurance quotes discovered the reality behind many car insurance myths.

Firstly, 44 percent of people think car color will negatively impact their car insurance rates. That is not true, even if you drive a red car. However, they did find that the type of car you drive will affect your premium; imported car insurance costs more than American.

Another myth is that 34 percent of Americans think items stolen from their vehicles are covered by insurance. Unfortunately, this is not true either. They found that stolen items are usually covered by your renters or homeowners insurance if it is worth more than the cost of the deductible.

The truth behind this next misconception was believed by half of those surveyed. Some people think if you cause a car accident your insurance will not cover you. This is false. Liability insurance, which is a requirement to drive in most states, will cover the cost of your injuries and damage to the other car even if you are at fault. However, they will not pay for the damage done to your own vehicle.

Insurance quotes advises you check with your insurance provider for other facts about your car insurance coverage.

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