“Black Mass”

Rated R

2 hours

Johnny Depp, Joel Edgerton, Julianne Nicholson, Kevin Bacon

CHICOPEE, mass (WWLP) — You’ll go to see “Black Mass” for Johnny Depp’s startling transformation into Whitey Bulger.

But you’ll come away more impressed with Joel Edgerton’s amazing performance as John Connelly, the F.B.I. agent corrupted by Bulger.

“Black Mass” is every bit as clinically cold and calculating as Depp’s performance as the Boston mobster himself.

It’s a story of boyhood loyalties that evolve into adult corruption on both sides of the law.

How a notorious gangster can do business with the kid on the block who grew up to be an F.B.I. agent.

In the critical role of Whitey Bulger’s politically powerful brother, Billy Bulger, a miscast Benedict Cumberbatch only scratches the surface of his divided loyalties.

“Black Mass” is factually flawless but needed more of the conflict that Edgerton alone provides.

I can’t help thinking that Johnny Depp’s icy performance need more of Jack Nicolson’s colorful interpretation of his Whitey Bulger style character in “The Departed”.

But “Black Mass” still has its moments as a hard bitten tale of the Boston underworld.

The film’s accuracy earns “Black Mass” its 3 stars.

But I keep thinking of what a flamboyant director like Martin Scorsese could have done with “Black Mass”. Now that would have been something to see.

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