“The Visit”

Rated PG-13

1 hour 40 minutes

Kathryn Hahn

CHICOPEE, Mass (WWLP) — Sending the kids off to spend the weekend with the Grandparents will never seem quite the same again after seeing “The Visit”.

Who knew Grandma and Grandpa were so strange? Writer/Director M. Night Shyalalan is back in top form after a long layoff.

And just to show his complete confidence in this exquisitely macabre comedy, he’s not above darkening the humor with creaking doors.

Becca and her rambunctious younger brother Tyler record the weird situations on his video camera.

We see their strange grandparents entirely through the children’s eyes.

The children see the eccentric behavior as menacing or at the very least creepy.

But are the kids in any danger? The sharply written psychological thriller keeps your nerves on edge.

“The Visit” flawlessly gets inside your head even as your heart tells you the grandparents are such benign characters.

By this time the children have a bone to pick with Kathryn Hahn, their well-meaning mom.

It’s the film’s job to make you feel paranoid and slightly off balance.

“The Visit” plays the kind of tricks only the finest of black comedies deliver, as this unsettling thriller wins you over with 3 stars.

Let me tell you, Invite yourself In for this quirky “Visit”.

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