Over 20 vehicles damaged or destroyed in parking lot explosion

Some surrounding buildings were damaged

(NBC News) – Several Missouri drivers will be looking for new cars after at least 20 vehicles are damaged in an overnight fire.

Fire officials say eight cars were destroyed and 13 more were damaged after flames engulfed a carport just after 3 a.m. Saturday outside a Saint Louis County condominium building.

They say several surrounding buildings also sustained heat damage but no residents were hurt.

Witnesses say they heard loud explosions and looked outside to see the blaze.

Julie Stelfox, one of the vehicle owners, said “[I] started screaming for everybody to get out, get up and get out; started banging on doors and running and within 20-30 seconds every car was on fire.”

So far no word on what caused the fire, but officials say the bomb and arson unit is conducting an investigation.

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