Nice weather and manageable traffic for Big E Saturday

22News was working for you today sitting in Big E traffic so you didn't have to

WEST SPRINGFIELD Mass. (WWLP) – In addition to the nice weather, the first weekend of the Big E was made even more enjoyable by the lack of heavy traffic.

22News was working for you Saturday sitting in Big E traffic so you didn’t have to.

Our 22News Springfield skycam showed only moderate traffic on the Memorial Bridge.

Jenn Hannigan of Springfield told 22News, “It really wasn’t that bad because we took the back roads and cut through. We didn’t go down Memorial or get stuck in that rotary where we heard a couple of the lanes were closed down.”

Despite the construction, traffic was also flowing smoothly around the Memorial Avenue Rotary. But traffic further down Memorial Avenue quickly got congested.

Erin Jensen of Chicopee said, “Today it wasn’t bad at all. We pulled right in and found a spot really close. Yesterday when I drove by, it was hell.”

From Chicopee to the Big E it took 22News about 30 minutes taking Exit 7 over the Memorial Bridge, around the rotary and down Memorial Avenue.

It only took 15 minutes to take Route 5 to Route 57 to Route 159 through Agawam.

Rick Wilson of Connecticut said, “In past years where we’ve come up we really haven’t run into traffic that bad. We come up early in the morning. I don’t know if that make us the average person but it’s been an easy ride for us.”

Parking lots were packed with cars. Traffic Flagger Nelson Routte told 22News it’s been a good opening weekend.

Rouett told 22News, “Yeah it’s been a great turnout. We’ve had a lot of people parking and it just keeps getting full.”

If you’d like to plan your trip to the Big E, 22News is ‘Working for You’ with a live traffic map.

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