NY diocese upset some plan to sell tickets to see Pope

The Albany Diocese says that begs the question- what would Pope Francis do?

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Call it divine intervention. Stephen Motto was one of hundreds in the Capital Region blessed with two free tickets to see Pope Francis in New York.

“I found out two days ago via e-mail,” he said.

His plan is to meet his brother in New York City next week, but if he can’t get off work, he says he might try to make a profit off the Pontiff’s visit. NEWS10 ABC found tickets are already selling on Craigslist for hundreds of dollars.

“At that price, I may not go, I’m going to think twice about going,” he said.

The Albany Diocese, however, is not happy about the idea. They say faith should be free.

Albany Diocese spokesperson Mary Deturris Poust says people shouldn’t put a price on the pope’s visit.

“The church is open to everyone and that’s why they don’t charge for these tickets, because it’s meant to be open to everyone not for those who are at a certain income level,” she said.

Motto says even though he’s a practicing Catholic, selling the tickets is perfectly legal, and money, is money.

“Good will doesn’t pay my bills,” he said. “Being a nice guy doesn’t put money in the refrigerator. Sometimes you got to do it. If you got an opportunity, maybe you should make the most of it.”

The Albany Diocese says that begs the question- what would Pope Francis do?

“He wouldn’t sell the ticket, he would give it to someone who could really use it or maybe need that spiritual lift,” said Deturris Poust.

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