Dry conditions are not affecting apples in WMass

The apples growing season ended up being much better than thought

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Fall is just a couple days away, and no better way than to start off the season than picking apples..
22News went to Kosinkski Farms in Westfield to find lots of people picking apples.

Many people took advantage of the dry, warm weather we saw Saturday to fulfill all their favorite fall activities,
one of them being apple picking.

Anne Kelley, from Connecticut, was one of many people to take advantage of the weather, “My daughter called and said it’s a beautiful day to come out and pick apples, and it is apple season we love to bake, so we picked enough apples to bake a pie, breads, muffins, and have a good time.”

Some farmers were nervous about this year’s apples because of the warm and dry conditions. Not much rain fell in August, and September started off dry. It was a dry August, and so far in September we haven’t gotten that much rain, but there’s one crop that was not affected by this.

That crop was the apple.

Susan Kosinski, Owner of Kosinski’s Farmstand in Westfield told 22News they were worried about the dry conditions, she expected more in the way of difficulties when it came to the apples.

What she found out later was remarkable. Kosinski told 22News, “It affected some of the growing but certainly not the apples, it’s actually the best crop of apples we’ve had in 10 or 12 years, they are really producing this year.”

Kosinski’s farms has a “pick your own apples” that is a great fall activity and, of course, a yummy one too.

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