Video: Burrito-eating driver crashes bus

The crash happened in July 2014

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KOB) – We’re all told not to drive while distracted, and for an Albuquerque, New Mexico city bus driver, doing just that broke city rules, landed him in hot water and left the city and its taxpayers with extra bills to pay that could get even larger.

Albuquerque city bus driver Jeremy Perea faces a lawsuit for distracted driving, eating a burrito and sipping a drink while behind the wheel. But it’s what happened just seconds after he finished his meal that got him in hot water.

Cameras on-board the bus caught Perea eating while driving. Just as the bus starts picking up speed, Perea sets down the remnants of the burrito, takes his eyes off the road, and doesn’t realize the line of cars that came to a stop ahead of him until impact.

The crash happened in July 2014, but one of the people who was hit by the bus says they were hurt and recently filed a personal injury lawsuit against the city.

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