Surprise vote triggers lawmaker brawl

Footage shows lawmakers shouting and scuffling

TOKYO (NTV) – Japan’s ruling party pushed contentious security bills through a legislative committee Thursday, catching the opposition by surprise and causing chaos in the chamber.

The Upper House Committee Chairman was surrounded by lawmakers as he forced a vote on legislation that would increase the military’s scope of operations, a highly sensitive issue in a country where many take pride in its pacifist constitution.

As soon as he took a seat, opposition lawmakers surrounded the chairman, trying to block his approving the legislation while ruling lawmakers tried to block the opposition from doing so.

Footage shows lawmakers shouting and scuffling as they surrounded the chairman.

Despite all attempts to block by the opposition, the bills are likely to be eventually passed at the plenary session at the Parliament because Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s ruling bloc has a majority in the Upper House.


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