No Joke: Family banned from Disney

(WTLV) Florida resident David Swindler and his family are huge Disney fans. His wife goes by Tinkerbell and she calls him Grumpy, he says.

But a recent goof got his room at a Disney resort raided in the middle of the night, his family booted from the hotel and even a lifetime ban, he says. Now he’s taking his story to social media with the hopes of rebuilding his relationship with Disney.

He and his family were staying at the Pop Century resort over the Labor Day weekend, and though he had only booked a two-night stay, he was hoping he could extend his family’s visit.

When he grew impatient with an employee, or cast member as they’re called, he joked that he could build a meth lab in his room by the time he could finally get some service. As you might imagine, his joke didn’t go over well.

Little did he know the “goof” that he thought was innocuous would trigger a middle-of-the-night raid by Orange County Sheriff’s deputies and Disney security.

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